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Sailing and Yachting Center in Santorini

Vlychada Santorini Marina rent a car - Vlychada car hire

Port of Marina Vlyhada, the Sailing and Yachting Santorini Center is based in Vlychada, a jewellery of Santorini. Small yachts and boats anchor in the marina there and you can enjoy a meal including fresh fish in the local, traditional taverns. Also, you can visit the Tomato Industrial Museum, a former tomato factory, and enjoy a guided tour concerning the traditional methods of cultivation and production of the tomato.

There is no transport by bus, in between Vlychada and other villages of Santorini, and this place is another good reason why renting a car from Get Santorini car rental, is the very best way to get around Santorini.

If you make a decision to book a vehicle in marina Vlyhada, we can service any vehicle that fits your needs to your hotel or at Marina Vlychada port with no additional fee.

Even for hourly reservations, if for example you choose to get a vehicle after your morning meal, or after you arrive with your sailing boat, we can typically deliver our vehicles in about 15 minutes, from the time we get your request!

Get Car Rental Santorini is one of the most growing and reliable car hire firms on Santorini, offering brand new vehicles for hire, clean and luxury, in perfect condition and in best rates. Get Car Rental Santorini offers highly secure car rental services all over the Santorini island and especially in Santorini Marina Vlychada.

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