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Port Athinios

The Port Athinios is the main Ferry Port of Santorini. The port located at the bottom of Athinios. Ιts the newst port of santorini modern and with a large dock for a differents ships. The port has 3 ramps where the boats can lay up and 3 points for the tankers. It services more than 2 million passengers a year.

Get Santorini Car Rental meeting point, that we deliver you any vehicle you prefer, is outside of the port close to travel offices next to cafes. Because at the port has many traffic and is very difficult to stay and to find a parking to service you, always use your cell phone to contact us and to find us easily

Get Santorini Car Rental delivery at the port Athinios any time any day 24/7. Also we pick the vehicle from the port. Moreover you can find ATM in the port, if you want to take cash.

Vlychada Bay Port (Marina)

Port of Marina Vlyhada is close to Vlyhada Beach at the old Factory of tomatoes Nomikos.Vlychada is a best location, if somebody wishes to invest a day or a couple of hours on the beach or to eat something at the small Tavarnas. The roadway takes you exactly on the beach and there is a location for parking if you rent a vehicle from Get Santorini Car Rental.

There is no transport by bus, in between Vlychada and other villages of Santorini, and this place is another good reason why renting a car from Get Santorini car rental, is the very best way to get around Santorini.

If you make a decision to book a vehicle in marina Vlyhada, we can service any vehicle that fits your needs to your hotel or at Marina Vlychada port with no additional fee.

Even for hourly reservations, if for example you choose to get a vehicle after your morning meal, or after you arrive with your sailing boat, we can typically deliver our vehicles in about 15 minutes, from the time we get your request!

Get Santorini Car Rental provides cars from any Santorini Port anytime

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